Managing Data with Excel

SKU: CPE-07-071
Credit Hours: 5
Level: Basic
Field of Study: Computer Software and Applications-Non Technical
Requires Prerequisites or Advanced Preparation: No
Delivery Method: Online PDF
Instructor: Patricia McCarthy, MBA

Participants at the end of this course will be able to:
  1. Recognize basic components of a database
  2. Identify and apply different ways to sort data
  3. Define and apply filtering techniques
  4. Recognize the steps required to create and copy subtotals and nested subtotals
  5. Recognize when it is appropriate to use a pivot table
  6. Recognize the steps to create, edit and format pivot tables
  7. Recognize and components of a database function and how to apply them
  8. Recognize how to apply and remove conditional formatting
  9. Recognize and apply an Outline format