CPA Review Video Courseware: BEC

CPA Review Video Courseware: BEC


Lambers Video Courseware delivers an amazing set of lectures, guaranteeing you pass your exam on the first attempt. Video Courseware…

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Lambers Video Courseware delivers an amazing set of lectures, guaranteeing you pass your exam on the first attempt.

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Unlike other video courseware products, the Lambers courseware is much more than PowerPoint slides with voice recordings. Lambers video courseware actually takes you right inside the classroom, without the cost and hassle of needing to attend a live seminar. Study at your own pace, anywhere, anytime.

Let our world renown professors Bill Grubbs, MBA, CPA and Garland Granger, MBA, CPA, CIA take you chapter by chapter, explaining and demonstrating exactly what you need know in order to pass the BEC exam.

The Lambers courseware ensures you understand and retain all of the relevant material in a professional yet easy to follow and understand way.

Our lectures will demonstrate each and every aspect of what you need to learn and understand in order to pass the BEC exam. We will demonstrate exactly how to solve hundreds of complex problems. Follow along with your textbook until you are comfortable doing the problems yourself. Having trouble with concept? No problem, simply rewind and watch over as many times as you need to fully understand.

Why choose Lambers video courseware?

  • Tenure. Lambers is THE pioneer in accounting exam instruction with over 50 years of helping people pass their exams
  • Lambers video courseware always includes the most current and up to date content.
  • Your professor delivers the course syllabus in a logical order of smaller, more manageable chapters making it easier to learn, understand, and retain the concepts and theory.
  • The Lambers video courseware will cover all possible scenarios ensuring that you won’t be surprised on test day.
  • Lambers video courseware ensures you fully understand and retain all of the information by quizzing you after each chapter.
  • Lambers has helped hundreds of thousands accounting professionals prepare for and pass their exams.

Lambers video courseware is the only product on the market that gives you our exclusive inside looks at:

  • Where the examiners test most heavily
  • Disclose recent trends on the exam, by part and by topic
  • Explain how to focus your study on the hot topics
  • Steer you clear of the irrelevant topics with little or no points
  • Show you test taking tips and techniques to get those extra points
  • Show what you need to memorize for the exam

You simply won’t find a more thorough, up to date, and accurate lecture series on the market.

Lambers video courseware will be the best and last investment you will ever make. If you want to use the best possible courseware available; and you do deserve the best, Lambers video courseware is the only choice.

Product available in online or CD based format.

The Lambers BEC Course covers the following 14 exam objectives:

Course length is 28 hours.

  • Chapter 1: Corporate Governance
  • Chapter 2: Process and Project Management
  • Chapter 3: Microeconomics with Strategy Emphasis
  • Chapter 4: Business Cycles
  • Chapter 5: Economic Measures
  • Chapter 6: Foreign Exchange
  • Chapter 7: Financial Modeling
  • Chapter 8: Strategies for Short- and Long-Term Financing Options
  • Chapter 9: Financial Statement Implications of Liquid Asset Management
  • Chapter 10: Information Technology Implications in the Business Environment
  • Chapter 11: Cost Accounting: Actual Cost, Job Order and Process
  • Chapter 12: Cost Accounting: Joint Products and Standard Costs
  • Chapter 13: Managerial Analysis and Control
  • Chapter 14: Managerial Planning and Control