45 Years and Counting!

Lambers Review Courses is pleased to announce that we are entering our 45th year of business. We would like to thank those responsible for making our organization such a success; you our loyal customers. Always remember, your success is our success!

Lambers CPA Review, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the test preparation market, offering reviews for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified in Managerial Accounting (CMA), Certified Internal Auditing (CIA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Enrolled Agent Exam (EA). Since Lambers opened in Boston in 1966, over 200,000 accounting professionals have used Lambers to study and pass their exams. Many of the world's largest organizations have used Lambers materials in their training programs. There is a great deal of history behind Lambers CPA Review, but one idea has always remained, and that is giving the exam candidate a high quality, affordable review that will prepare them to pass!

The Lambers method of instruction uses case examples and illustrative problems to help you grasp the concept being taught, and remember it. This method of instruction has been used in our classrooms and self-study materials since the inception of the Lambers program. This method of teaching was "born in the classroom" and refined over years by the Lambers professors. The Lambers course is unique, in that the materials are written by instructors that actually teach the courses. The Lambers staff gives as much attention to omission as inclusion of subject matter in each review. Topics are presented only if they are relevant to the exam. A busy candidate has no time to spend on possible, but not probable, exam subjects.

Preparing for the CPA, CMA, CIA, CFA or EA exams? Browse through the website, check out the Lambers course samples and read the testimonials. Have a question? Send us an email or give us a call. We are here to help.

I am ecstatic to report that I passed the third and final EA exam yesterday. (I saved Part 2 for last.) I did a little happy dance as I walked out of the Prometric testing center, giving the administrators a laugh. What a wonderful feeling!!!

Mr. Arthur Reed made this extraordinary accomplishment possible. He has the magic touch when it comes to making the Internal Revenue Code understandable. He is fun to watch and he proves over and over that he truly knows what he is teaching. He gives explanations and examples that are amazingly clear. Mr. Reed gets all of the credit for my accomplishment. I could not have passed these exams without him.

I am now just waiting for the approval letter from the IRS. I am so excited! Thank you,
Brenda W.
I purchased the Lambers CPA self-study books and software and I was very happy with them.

The material is well organized, and the concepts are well explained - and in plain English. The material included was everything needed to pass, with nothing extraneous. I felt very prepared when going into take each section of the exam.

Also you can't beat the cost as I have seen many CPA review courses costing thousands. I am happy to recommend your product to anyone. You are free to publish any or all parts of this letter. Thanks Again!
David B. Texarkana, TX
"Just wanted to send a friendly follow up to folks at Lambers...

I just found out I passed all four sections on the first try…thanks to the Lambers Self Study Program, consisting of the textbooks, DVD's, and test prep software. I chose Lambers based on the fact that they provided a comprehensive DVD lecture series tailored to my self- study preferences…..and also the products are available at a fraction of the costs of other test prep providers. Keep up the good work….I'll continue to endorse the Lambers products in the Philadelphia area... Thanks again!"
Mark A.
"Hello, My name is Dennis Harris. I am not sure if you read/use testimonials anymore on the website, but I wanted to send an e-mail with mine just so you have it. I am an external auditor for a large regional CPA firm here in the Midwest.

Over the summer, I began studying for the CIA exam, beginning with Part 1. Right there with me was Lambers CIA review kit, and of course, Garland explaining everything in just the right ways. I passed Section 1 the first time using Lambers CIA kit. I just took Section 2 today, using only Lambers CIA materials, and passed it on the first shot as well.

I think the most important skills set Garland gives those studying for the CIA exam, are the skills of critical evaluation. To look at the options you have for a given set of circumstances, and logically reason out why answers don't work, or conversely, why an answer does work."
Dennis H. (External Auditor)