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No Pass No Pay Guarantee

We are so confident that you will pass any corresponding exam by using Lambers products, that if you fail the test we will refund your purchase!

To qualify for a refund you must:

  1. Be the registered purchaser
  2. Fail the corresponding exam twice (no time limit)
  3. Contact our Customer Service Department via email at support@lambers.com to claim this guarantee. Please provide the email address registered with our training site at https://training.lambers.com, along with copies of failing exam notices for both failed attempts.

This guarantee applies only to products purchased directly from Lambers.

Refunds of this type must be sent to Lambers no later than 30 days after receiving second failed notice from official test vendor.

(Note that corporate membership, corporate licenses and reseller inventory are not eligible for the above Guarantee.)

Product Updates

All Lambers Test Prep products automatically update themselves when they are opened.

All Lambers Video Courseware are updated free for one year after purchase.

After one year there is a charge of half the current listed price.

Flash Cards are not eligible for free updates.

Return Policy

All sales are final; any Lambers products that have been opened or activated are not eligible for refund. In select cases, and with Lambers’ sole discretion, Lambers may offer refunds, but these will carry a 25% non-refundable administrative fee.