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Dennis H. (External Auditor)

“Hello, My name is Dennis Harris. I am not sure if you read/use testimonials anymore on the website, but I wanted to send an e-mail with mine just so you have it. I am an external auditor for a large regional CPA firm here in the Midwest.

Over the summer, I began studying for the CIA exam, beginning with Part 1. Right there with me was Lambers CIA review kit, and of course, Garland explaining everything in just the right ways. I passed Section 1 the first time using Lambers CIA kit. I just took Section 2 today, using only Lambers CIA materials, and passed it on the first shot as well.

I think the most important skills set Garland gives those studying for the CIA exam, are the skills of critical evaluation. To look at the options you have for a given set of circumstances, and logically reason out why answers don’t work, or conversely, why an answer does work.”