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End of the Year Tax Planning 2017 based on new Tax Package

Tax professionals have had their eye on the new tax legislation that is currently being vtax-planning-1oted on. As congress debates the new tax package, makes changes, votes, makes more changes, then re-votes tax professionals across the country may be wondering how to answer questions about the new tax rules that clients may have. Questions like “How do I handle charitable contributions?” or “Should I accelerate paying unreimbursed employee expenses?” are bound to arise while you speak with your clients regarding end of the year tax planning strategies.

This educational video discusses these issues and more regarding the new tax package being passed by Congress. Your instructor, Arthur Reed, MBA, CPA, MST discusses some of the strategies your clients should be doing as 2017 comes to a close. Please check back regularly throughout 2018 to see new, updated content regarding Income Tax Reform.

The new Tax package has been voted on, updated, voted on again, updated, and is very close to being signed as policy. Once signed by the President, the new tax rules will take effect on January 1, 2018. 2018 Returns that are to be filed in the 2019 year will be the first to be affected. So what do you talk to your clients now about the new tax rules?

Your professor, Arthur Reed, MBA, CPA, MST offers an instructional video on items that your clients should do now in order to put themselves in a good position for the new regulations. Professor Reed discusses the new itemization rules as well as deduction changes, increased child credit, and many other changes that at the time of the taping were “in play” by congress.

Get a head start on the new Regulations by viewing this instructional video!