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Lambers Test Prep

Lambers CPA Review was started by Vincent W. Lambers in July of 1966 in Boston, MA. The first class had six students and from that point the program grew to be the largest live instruction CPA Review program in New England. The Lambers teaching method of illustrations, examples and working problems has helped over 250,000 candidates pass the CPA Exam since that first class in 1966.

Accounting exams get tougher each year, and with failing rates nearing 50% or more in some cases, candidates need a preparation program that’s thorough and individualized. Let your computer unleash the power of this one of a kind adaptive testing program. Lambers Test Prep is the simplest, most effective program ever devised for learning the necessary material and passing exams. Save your precious time and money while you earn your designation. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 and its Guaranteed!

Our method works. There is not a more effective way to prepare for the CPA exams. We don’t offer 10,000 questions. That’s by design. You don’t need to, and you aren’t going to go through 10,000+ practice questions. What we do instead is focus on exactly what you need to know to pass the exam. Then we make sure you know it, know how to apply it and are going to be successful on test day.

Multiple Testing Modes

The heart of the program is the state-of-the-art exam engine. Lambers Test Prep combines three unique testing modes that will teach and prepare you to pass. The presentation of questions are weighted according to your unique requirements. The program determines which objectives you will need to study and pushes you to overcome your knowledge gaps. With Lambers Test Prep, you won’t waste time answering easy questions about things you already know.

Pretest Mode

The Pretest Mode is designed to assess and establish your baseline skill set. This mode will test you with a sampling of questions from each of the exam objective categories. It will determine your current level of proficiency on a topic-by-topic basis and provides you a starting point for preparation. The pretest mode will also supply you with an assessment report detailing your strengths and weaknesses.

Adaptive Drill Mode

The Adaptive Drill Mode allows you to focus on specific exam objectives. Our Adaptive Technology zeros in on questions and topics that you find difficult. The program drills you on those questions until you have mastered the objective. As you gain proficiency in one area, the program is seeking out the next objective needing preparation. Don’t understand a question? Thorough explanations and hyperlinks to an electronic study guide are right at your fingertips ensuring you learn, understand, and retain the most complex concepts of the exam. Plus imagine the time saved not having to flip through a thousand page book! One after another, your weaknesses are turned into strengths while you learn and retain the knowledge needed to pass your examination.

Simulated Exam Mode

The Simulated Exam Mode is designed to approximate the real exam. By the time you reach this level, you’ve already mastered the exam material. This is your opportunity to exercise those skills while building your mental and physical stamina.

Tough Questions

The Lambers Test Prep databases are a combination of recently released exam questions and unique exam quality questions written by our authors and certified accounting professors who have over 20 years of experience and committed to helping you succeed. These are the toughest, most current and relevant questions available that thoroughly cover each exam objectives.

Thorough Explanations

Complete explanations help you to comprehensively grasp the subject matter and retain each exam objective. Not only do we explain why the correct answer is right, we also explain why incorrect answers are wrong. Once you’ve mastered this material, you’ve mastered the examination.

Video Explanations

video explanation
video explanation

What really sets Lambers Enhanced Test Prep apart is its video explanations. Many of our questions feature embedded videos in their explanations. Let the Lambers instructors walk you through the work required to solve that question. Other questions offer extended lecture pieces. Learn as our instructors explain some of the most difficult concepts and ideas. You’ve learned the concepts, now learn how to apply them.

Randomized Answers

With our randomized question process, we eliminate memorization of questions and make sure you know the subject matter needed for success. Learn answers, not patterns. We want to test and re-test your knowledge of the material and make you think. When questions are repeated, the correct answer position will be different each time. Come testing day, our program ensures you know the information needed to be successful.

Print Questions

Want to take a break from the computer? Go ahead! Print a practice test to take off-line. Your options include having the correct answers marked and explanations shown.

Note Taking

Add your own notes into the program and we’ll keep them organized for you. If you prefer, export those notes to a separate document with the appropriate questions, answers and explanation added!

Historical Analysis

The Lambers Test Prep engine tracks your progress in preparing for the exam. You will know how far you’ve come and how far you still have to go. More importantly, you’ll know exactly where you need to invest your time and what objectives require further study.