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Become an Enrolled Agent, FREE!

Lambers is back and better than ever. For a limited time, Lambers is offering a free package of its newly renovated and updated online CPA test prep software.

As a current Tax Professional, becoming an Enrolled Agent can make a big impact on your life. As an EA, you will earn the right and privilege to represent your clients before the IRS, covering all tax topics and working with any administrative level at the IRS.

There is no better time than the present. With the trend of declining revenue and numbers on the paid individual returns over the past several years, tax professionals like you are going to need to diversify. Getting your EA will accomplish that.

Once you’ve earned your EA, many opportunities open up for you. You may choose to focus more on the higher revenue business returns or get involved in the ever-increasing tax resolution problems for your clients.

Lambers is making the path to you becoming an EA a whole lot easier by offering you a 100% FREE, no strings attached, EA Part 1 Test Preparation course.

What makes us the best?

It’s simple. Lambers is THE pioneer in preparing candidates to sit and pass accounting exams. With over 50 years in business, Lambers has helped hundreds of thousands of professionals pass their exams. Our three modes are what make the difference:

  • Pretest Mode: Diagnostic exam determines immediately where you stand and establishes your baseline knowledge. No need to waste valuable time studying what you already know.
  • Adaptive Drill Mode: Once you know where you stand, spend your time drilling on your weak areas. A custom study plan drills you over and over, turning your weaknesses into strengths. Don’t understand a question? Thorough explanations are right at your fingertips ensuring you learn, understand, and retain the most complex concepts of the exam. Plus imagine the time saved not having to flip through a thousand-page book!
  • Simulated Mode: Once you master the adaptive drills, take your newfound knowledge and build your confidence in our simulated exams. In this mode the exams are timed to put pressure on you, with tough exam quality questions to create a realistic preparatory testing environment to ensure you have the endurance and stamina come test day.

While in all three modes, we track your progress recording every move you make. Watch in amazement as your weaknesses start turning into strengths.

Subject Matter Experts

Eva Rosenberg, AKA TaxMama, created an informative 2 hour video course breaking down all of the key elements to these two major tax bills.

Eva is a member of the IRS’ Los Angeles Stakeholder Practitioner Liaison team, and is the award-winning author of two best-selling books, Small Business Taxes Made Easy, published by McGraw-Hill and Deduct Everything! from Humanix Publishing. Eva was also a columnist for Dow Jones’ www.MarketWatch.com for nearly 15 years.

What Do You Get?

For a limited time only, this special offer from Lambers delivers a Free EA Part 1 Test Prep, including over 850 exam quality questions, answers and detailed explanations.

Simply fill out the form above and click “Submit”, and we will email you your FREE access to the course. Get started today!

Who Are We?

Lambers is a leading provider for online accounting courses, test prep, and Continuing Education for nearly 50 years. The Lambers Enrolled Agent review courses are second to none and the only video based courses on the market today.

50 Years of Tax Excellence – What Our Customers Say

David B.

The material is well organized, and the concepts are well explained – and in plain English.


Lisa Marie M.

I just wanted to thank instructor for assisting me to pass audit.



Dennis H.

I passed Section 1 the first time using Lambers EA kit.