General Review for Filing 2019 Tax Returns

General Review for Filing 2019 Tax Returns


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Your professor, Arthur Reed, MBA, CPA, MST gives an intensive review style lecture on filing 2019 tax returns. This course covers many different topics for filing your client’s individual tax returns. Topics range from determination of filing statuses to capital gains, pensions and the Affordable Care Act.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Tax Related Identity Theft and ITIN’s
  • Determination of Filing Statuses
  • Claiming a Dependent
  • Taxability of Wages, Salaries, Tips and Other Earnings
  • Dividend and Interest Income
  • IRS Schedule B Part III and Discusses Foreign Accounts and Trusts
  • Taxable Refunds, Credits or Offsets of State/Local Taxes and Unemployment Compensation
  • IRS Schedule C and Discusses Self Employment
  • Reporting and Taxability of Social Security Benefits
  • Capital Gains and Losses
  • Pensions, Annuities, IRA’s and Adjustments to Income
  • Standard VS. Itemized Deductions and a Overview of IRS Schedule A Deductions
  • Child and Dependent Care Credits and Tax Rates
  • Education and Retirement Savings Contribution, Child Tax and Additional Child Tax Credits
  • The Affordable Care Act, Earned Income Credit, Tax Withholding, Estimated Tax Payments and Refund Options