Payroll Training Course Series

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Payroll Training Course Series


Earn your Payroll Training Course Series certificate from Lambers and Vicki Lambert and get ready to help a plethora of…

Earn your Payroll Training Course Series certificate from Lambers and Vicki Lambert and get ready to help a plethora of new and existing clients now. 


35 Hour Payroll Training Course Series
Only $499!

The Lambers Payroll Training Course Series, presented by Vicki Lambert, is a comprehensive 17-course program designed for professionals handling payroll in small to medium-sized businesses. This series covers a wide range of topics essential for staying compliant and efficient in payroll management.

Courses included are:

  1. Forms W-2, W-4 and 941 for 2023: An Overview: This course provides an in-depth look at the key IRS forms for payroll, ensuring accuracy and compliance for the 2023 tax year.
  2. Working from Here, There and Everywhere: A guide to managing payroll for a remote or distributed workforce, addressing unique challenges and compliance issues.
  3. Employee or Independent Contractor? That is the Question!: Learn to differentiate between employees and independent contractors, crucial for tax and legal compliance.
  4. Exempt or Nonexempt? That is the Question!: Understand how to classify employees correctly under the Fair Labor Standards Act to avoid penalties.
  5. Wage and Hour Law Compliance in 2023: This course goes beyond overtime calculations, covering various aspects of compliance with wage and hour laws in 2023.
  6. Deducting from an Employee’s Paycheck: A guide on when and how payroll deductions can be legally made from an employee’s paycheck.
  7. Child Support: The Laws, Rules and Regulations: Learn the correct procedures for handling child support in the payroll department.
  8. Abandoned Wages: Understand how to report and remit abandoned wages to stay in compliance with state laws.
  9. Handling Multistate Employees Tax Withholding: A course focusing on the complexities of tax withholding for employees working in multiple states.
  10. Tax Levies and Creditor Garnishments: Learn the rules payroll must know to manage tax levies and creditor garnishments correctly.
  11. Basic Payroll 101: A foundation course covering the essentials of withholding, depositing, and reporting federal taxes.
  12. Payroll Overpayments: This course addresses the correct handling of payroll overpayments in 2023.
  13. Travel Pay: Understand the rules for compensating employees for travel time.
  14. Terminated Employees: Learn how to accurately and legally handle the final paycheck for terminated employees.
  15. Paying Employees from Start to Finish: A comprehensive guide covering the entire payroll process.
  16. Calculating Overtime: Learn to calculate overtime accurately and consistently.
  17. Fringe Benefits Blitz for 2023: Focus on taxing and reporting fringe benefits in compliance with current laws and regulations

Each course qualifies for NASBA CPE, offering up to 35 hours of continuing education. After completing all seventeen parts and passing a short exam, participants will receive a ‘Payroll Training Course Series’ certificate, signifying their enhanced expertise in payroll management.