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Tax Terminology Word Search

Find the hidden words. The words have been placed horizontally, vertically,or diagonally.



  1. These generally reduce the amount of tax shown on the return.
  2. A qualifying child must live with the taxpayer for more than one-half of the year.
  3. This credit applies to those taxpayers who pay for dependent or child care in order for them to work.
  4. Generally included as gross income _________ is reported on Schedule B.
  5. This credit provides qualifying taxpayers with relatively low levels of income a credit against their tax liability.
  6. All income, from whatever source derived.
  7. Is allowed for the qualified costs of moving in connection with starting work at a new place of business.
  8. The cost of recovering intangible assets such as leasehold improvements and other Section 197 intangibles.
  9. A _____ ____ is sudden and unexpected,and may include a theft loss as well.
  10. A qualifying child must be under the age of 19, or if they are a full-time student, underthe age of 24.
  11. When a taxpayer extends credit to another taxpayer in the form of a loan, and then the loan becomes uncollectible.
  12. The dependent must be a citizen or resident of the United States, or resident of Canada or Mexico.


  • Tax Credits
  • Interest Income
  • Amortization Expense
  • Casualty Loss
  • Earned Income Credit
  • Moving Expenses
  • Abode Test
  • Age Test
  • Bad Debts
  • Gross income
  • Dependent Care Credit
  • Citizenship Test

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