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10 Course United States Tax Considerations for
Nonresident Taxpayers


ambers, in partnership with Patrick McCormick is making this United States Tax Considerations for Nonresident Taxpayers available to anyone who has previously taken one of Patrick’s webinars.

International Tax is an exploding nuanced area of tax/accounting practice. Enormous opportunities exist for practitioners to monetize international tax expertise. An immensely increasing number of clients need multinational tax advice. These clients understand the specialized knowledge required, and are willing to pay a premium for expert guidance.

Lambers has teamed with Patrick J. McCormick, J.D., LL.M., one of the United States’ pre-eminent international tax authorities, to create a fourteen-hour certificate course series titled United States Tax Considerations for Nonresident Taxpayers

Get Direct Access to Patrick
Included with this series is full and exclusive access to a vibrant international tax forum moderated by Patrick McCormick, where practitioners can ask assorted questions regarding international tax matters. The forum also provides opportunities to connect with colleagues interested in multinational matters, offering options for well-qualified feedback and brainstorming resources. Access to this exclusive forum alone is worth the price of the entire course!


Patrick McCormick J.D., LL.M

10 Course United States Tax Considerations for
Nonresident Taxpayers

Only $495!

US Tax Considerations for Nonresident Taxpayers Courses

This series of courses includes:

  • Classification of Nonresident Entities (2 Hours)
  • Tax Classification of Individuals (1 Hour)
  • Transfer Taxes for American Nondomiciliaries (2 Hours)
  • Compliance Requirements for Nonresidents (1 Hour)
  • Foreign Investment in United States Real Property (1 Hour)
  • Income Tax Inclusions for Nonresidents: Statutory Rules (1 Hour)
  • Income Tax Inclusions for Nonresidents: Tax Treaty Modifications (2 Hours)
  • Income Sourcing Rules (2 Hours)
  • Nonresident Taxation: Introduction to Considerations (1 Hour)
  • Nonresident Taxation Planning Opportunities and Practice Considerations (1 Hour) 

Why do you need International Tax training?

Historically, training options for international tax specialization have been limited, despite demand vastly exceeding supply for decades. The need for specialized knowledge to appropriately advise clients in the multinational tax content combined with the limited options to obtain/market that knowledge has created enormous opportunity for those with the requisite knowledge to develop a lucrative, expansive, and sought-out practice. Those opportunities are particularly noteworthy among American nonresidents – those without existing United States advisors who often require broad advice from an American service professional.

Best Value

United States Tax Considerations for Nonresident Taxpayers

Library Includes:

◼ Demonstrate your competency and increase your
           earning power by earning your certificate as a United
           States International Tax Specialist – Inbound

◼ Private forum with direct access to ask Patrick questions
◼ Qualifies for up to 14 hours of CE or CPE credit,
           use this year or next year.

◼ IRS and NASBA listed and Approved
◼ Series is On Demand, take it at your convenience
◼ Courses and Forum access do not expire, access forever
◼ So much more...

List price: $999
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