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Lambers CPE offers a growing library of Continuing Professional Education Courses for CPAs.  Lambers CPE Courses are video on demand to get you the credit where and when you need it.  These courses are taught by Lambers instructors who are well known in their specialized fields.

The Lambers catalog of CPE Courses covers NASBA fields of study such as Taxes, Auditing, Management, Personal Development, Ethics, Information Technology and Marketing. As a CPA you may be looking to sharpen your current skill set, find a new way to market your firm or just get some last minute needed credit to satisfy your CPE requirements.  Whichever category you fall into Lambers has a CPE solution that will fit your needs.

Lambers is a trusted name in exam prep and continuing education since 1966, offering quality courses for CPA, Enrolled Agent, CMA and CIA Reviews.  In addition Lambers offers IRS CE Courses for Tax Preparers.

Should you have any questions please email us at: continuinged@lambers.com

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Lambers adds new courses to the CPE Course Catalog every month and updates the content regularly to stay current with relevant topics.

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SKU Course Title Hours
Field of Study: Taxes
CPE-06-002 Auditing the ERO 2
CPE-06-003 Cancellation of Debt 2
CPE-06-004 Rental Activity Issues For The Small Client 2
CPE-06-005 Passive Loss Issues For The Small Client 2
CPE-06-007 Taxation of Gifts, Estates and Fiduciaries 3
CPE-06-008 Deductions For Adjusted Gross Income 3
CPE-06-009 PPACA Shared Responsibility Payments and Premium Tax Credits 3
CPE-06-010 Duties, Restrictions, Sanctions and Penalties 3
CPE-06-011 Filing Status and Exemptions, Filing Requirements and Penalties 2
CPE-06-012 Income: Inclusions and Exclusions 2
CPE-06-013 Deductions From Adjusted Gross Income 2
CPE-06-014 Accounting Methods and Periods and Computation of Tax Liability and Credits 2
CPE-06-015 Federal Taxation of Entities: Partnerships 2
CPE-06-016 Capital Transactions 2
CPE-06-017 C Corporations 2
CPE-06-018 Corporate Distributions and Other Matters 2
CPE-06-019 S Corporations 2
CPE-06-020 Tax Computation and Controlled Groups 2
CPE-06-022 Business Expenses 2
CPE-06-023 Completion of the Filing Process (Expanded) 2
CPE-06-040 Tax Treatment of Specialty Income Items 1
CPE-06-025 Basis of Business Assets 1
CPE-06-026 Depreciation and Amortization 1
CPE-06-027 Disposition of Business Assets 1
CPE-06-028 Sole Proprietors, Self-Employment and Farmers 1
CPE-06-029 Retirement Plans for Small Business and Exempt Organizations 1
CPE-06-030 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 3
CPE-06-031 Top Ten Tips To Help Your Clients Avoid Penalties 4
CPE-06-032 Top Tips to Avoid Preparer Penalties 3
CPE-06-033 Practice and Procedures 1
CPE-06-034 Representation Before the IRS 1
CPE-06-035 Specific Types of Representation 1
CPE-06-036 Examinations and Appeals 1
CPE-06-021 Trust and Estate Tax 1
CPE-06-037 General Review for the 2017 Tax Filing Season 6
CPE-06-038 Business Income and Entities Accounting Methods and Periods 2
CPE-07-002 2018 Tax Filing Season Update 11
CPE-07-006 Affordable Care Act – Employer Rights & Responsibilities 3
CPE-07-007 Affordable Care Act – Individual Rights & Responsibilities 3
CPE-07-009 Earned Income Credit 6
CPE-07-010 Education Tax Benefits 8
CPE-07-012 Federal Income Tax Changes – 2017 (3 hour version) 3
CPE-07-013 Healthcare Reform: Pre-Existing Conditions, Benefit Limits, Rescission & Patient Protection Rules 9
CPE-07-014 Healthcare Reform: The Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions 8
CPE-07-015 Home Office Deduction 3
CPE-07-017 Tax Treatment of Individual Retirement Arrangements 3
CPE-07-018 Tax Treatment of Life Insurance Proceeds 4
CPE-07-019 Tax Treatment of Retirement Plans, Pensions and Annuities 5
CPE-07-020 Tax Treatment of Sickness and Injury Plans 4
CPE-07-099 Federal Income Tax Changes – 2018 6
CPE-06-148 Tax Preparers’ prayers answered: Tax Issues for the Clergy 2
CPE-06-149 The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – New Tax Law Update 2
CPE-06-150 Tax Planning for Alimony (TCJA) 2
CPE-06-152 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Individual Tax Reform 3
CPE-06-153 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Business Tax Reform 3
CPE-06-154 Individual Retirement Accounts 4
CPE-06-155 Estate Taxes Part 1 3
CPE-06-156 Estate Taxes Part 2 2
CPE-06-157 Gift Taxes 3
CPE-07-110 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – Individual Tax Reform Updated for 2019 8
CPE-07-111 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – Business Tax Reform for 2019 13
CPE-07-112 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – Exempt Organizations Updated for 2019 1
CPE-07-113 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – International Tax Provisions Updated for 2019 8
CPE-07-114 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – Quick Review Complete Bill Updated for 2019 3
CPE-07-115 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – Quick Review Individual Tax Reforms Updated for 2019 1
CPE-07-116 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – Quick Review Business Tax Reform Updated for 2019 1
CPE-07-117 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – Quick Review Exempt Organizations and International Tax Provisions Updated for 2019 1
CPE-07-118 Estate Taxes 6
CPE-07-119 Gift Taxes 3
CPE-07-120 Individual Retirement Accounts 3
CPE-06-159 Impact of 2018 Tax Cuts and the Jobs Act on Employees, Corporations and Shareholders 2
CPE-06-162 Tax Minimization Strategies When Computing Corporate Taxable Income 1
CPE-06-166 Qualified Business Income Deduction: Tax Planning Opportunities and Pitfalls 2
CPE-06-167 International Tax Case Study: Foreign Investment into the US (Inbound) 1
CPE-06-169 Tax Minimization Strategies When Computing Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) 2
CPE-06-170 Expatriation: Top Ten International Tax Topics for people renouncing US citizenship or transferred / seconded to foreign affiliates 1
CPE-06-176 Tax Planning Strategies When Making Shareholder Distributions After 2017 2
CPE-06-177 Schedule M-1 Disclosure of Book-Tax Differences after 2017 2
CPE-06-178 Individual Filing Requirements 2
Field of Study: Regulatory Ethics: Technical
CPE-06-039 IRS Professional Responsibilities, Practice and Procedure 2
CPE-06-001 Ethics Update: Circular 230 Changes and Hot Topics 2
CPE-06-006 Ethics and Professional Responsibilities from a Tax Perspective 2
CPE-06-125 Professional Responsibilities and Quality Control for CPAs 2
CPE-06-122 Governmental Auditing Standards 1
CPE-07-011 EITC Due Diligence 3
CPE-07-016 Tax Return Preparer Ethical Issues 4
CPE-07-055 Madoff: A Case Study in the AICPA Code of Conduct 2
CPE-06-127 Ethics for Accountants: Arizona 4
CPE-06-147 Tax Preparers Gone Bad: Volume I 2
CPE-06-126 Ethics for Accountants: Florida 4
CPE-06-139 Ethics for Accountants: Idaho COMING SOON! 4
CPE-06-140 Ethics for Accountants: Louisiana COMING SOON! 2
CPE-06-129 Ethics for Accountants: Minnesota 8
CPE-06-130 Ethics for Accountants: Mississippi 4
CPE-06-141 Ethics for Accountants: New Jersey COMING SOON! 4
CPE-06-142 Ohio Professional Ethics 3
CPE-06-133 Ethics for Accountants: Rhode Island 6
CPE-06-143 Ethics for Accountants: South Carolina COMING SOON! 6
CPE-06-144 Ethics for Accountants: Tennessee COMING SOON! 2
CPE-06-145 Ethics for Accountants: Virginia COMING SOON! 2
CPE-06-134 Ethics for Accountants: Washington 4
CPE-06-146 Ethics for Accountants: Wyoming COMING SOON! 4
CPE-07-056 Colorado CPAs – CR&R 4
CPE-07-103 Professional Ethics for Colorado CPA’s 4

Additional Information About State-Specific Ethics Courses:

  • We currently have approved state-specific ethic courses for the following states: FL, MS, OH, TX, WA, and CO.
  • We are currently developing state-specific ethic courses for the following states: DE, ID, LA, NJ, NY, OH, SC, TN, VA, WV, and WY.
  • The following states will accept any of our ethics courses: AK, AL, AR, CA, CT, DC, GA, HI, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NM, NC, ND, OK, PA, PR, RI, DC, UT, VT, and WI.

Note: Make sure you check with your State Board for exact Ethics CPE Requirements.

Field of Study: Accounting
CPE-06-105 Analyzing Financial Information to Reduce Fraud, Waste, and Abuse 8
CPE-06-109 Financial Statement Aerobics – Toning Your Fiscal Physique Part 1 – Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis 2
CPE-06-110 Financial Statement Aerobics – Toning Your Fiscal Physique Part 2 – Calculating and Understanding Ratios 2
CPE-06-111 Financial Statement Aerobics – Toning Your Fiscal Physique Part 3 – Utilizing Analytical Procedures to Detect Red Flags and Potential Fraud 2
CPE-06-112 Financial Statement Aerobics – Toning Your Fiscal Physique Part 4 – Improving the Operations of the Company 2
CPE-06-113 Financial Statement Aerobics – Toning Your Fiscal Physique Part 1 and 2 – Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis – Calculating and Understanding Ratios 4
CPE-06-114 Financial Statement Aerobics – Toning Your Fiscal Physique Parts 3 and 4 – Utilizing Analytical Procedures to Detect Red Flags and Potential Fraud – Improving the Operations of the Company 4
CPE-06-115 Financial Statement Aerobics – Toning Your Fiscal Physique Parts 1 2 3 and 4 – Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis – Calculating and Understanding Ratios – Utilizing Analytical Procedures to Detect Red Flags and Potential Fraud – Improving the Operations of the Company 8
CPE-06-106 Compilation and Preparation Standards 4
CPE-06-107 Review Standards and Independence 4
CPE-06-108 Compilation, Review, and Preparation Standards 8
CPE-07-025 Internal Controls in Accounts Payable 5
CPE-07-026 Vendor Issues in Accounts Payable 4
CPE-07-052 Accounts Receivable Best Practices for Small to Medium Sized Commercial Entities 2
CPE-07-083 Accounting for Liabilities – Estimation and Valuation 4
CPE-07-084 Asset Valuation Using Discounted Cash Flows 6
CPE-07-085 Intangible Asset Valuation 3
CPE-07-027 An ACH (Electronic Payment) Primer: How Savvy Companies Now Pay Their Bills 2
CPE-07-028 Emerging Payment Frauds (Cyber and Expense Related) and How to Deal with Them 1
CPE-07-029 It’s All about Your Bottom Line: Developing Accounts Payable Issues and Practices 11
CPE-07-030 Often-Overlooked Internal Control Breakdowns in Accounts Payable and How to Deal with Them 1
CPE-07-031 Preparing for Year End in Accounts Payable 2
CPE-07-032 The Developing Expense Receipt Issues and How to Deal with Them 1
Field of Study: Auditing
CPE-06-120 Completing the Audit 1
CPE-06-116 The Attest Function and Assurances 1
CPE-06-117 Engagement Planning 3
CPE-06-118 The Study and Evaluation of Internal Controls 3
CPE-06-119 Evidential Matter, Audit Programs and Working Papers 4
CPE-06-121 The Auditor’s Report 4
CPE-06-124 Auditing and Information Systems 1
CPE-06-103 Implementing Efficient, Effective Internal Controls For Small to Mid-Size Businesses 8
CPE-07-069 Fraud Audit Techniques Using Excel 3
Field of Study:  2 Hours Accounting/2 Hours Specialized Knowledge
CPE-06-100 Business Ownership Transitions: Buying, Selling, and Exit Strategies Beginning the Process through Due Diligence 4
CPE-06-101 Business Ownership Transitions: Buying, Selling, and Exit Strategies From Valuation to Closing the Deal 4
Field of Study: 4 Hours Accounting/4 Hours Specialized Knowledge
CPE-06-102 Business Ownership Transitions: Buying, Selling, and Exit Strategies 8
Field of Study: 4 Hours Auditing/4 Hours Personal Development
CPE-06-104 Protecting Your Organization From A Destructive Culture 8
Field of Study: Statistics – Technical
CPE-06-123 Statistical Sampling 2
Field of Study: Computer Software and Applications-Non Technical
CPE-07-050 Audit & Analytical uses for Filters and Tables in Excel 2
CPE-07-053 Arrays: A Powerful Excel Tool 3
CPE-07-054 Become an Expert on Lookup Functions 5
CPE-07-057 Creating Custom Financial Statements using Excel 2
CPE-07-058 Creating Custom Functions in Excel 2
CPE-07-059 Creating Dynamic and Interactive Charts 3
CPE-07-060 Creating Effective Charts 5
CPE-07-061 Making Functions in Excel 3
CPE-07-062 Drive Your Dashboard with Exce 11
CPE-07-066 Excel Worksheets- Best Practices 2
CPE-07-067 Financial Forecasting Tools; Using Excel and Financial Ratios to Build a Forecast 1
CPE-07-071 Managing Data with Excel 5
CPE-07-072 Must Know Excel Functions for CPAs 6
CPE-07-073 Must Know Excel Tips Tricks and Tools for CPAs 5
CPE-07-074 Optimizing Search Results with Google 1
CPE-07-075 Use Pivot Tables to Organize, Summarize and Analyze Data 5
CPE-07-076 Using Excel 2010-2016 Solver for Optimum Business Solutions 4
CPE-07-077 Working with Downloaded Text Data in Excel 2
CPE-07-087 QuickBooks Pro 2009 10
CPE-07-088 QuickBooks Pro 2010 12
CPE-07-089 QuickBooks Pro 2012 12
CPE-07-090 QuickBooks Pro 2013 12
CPE-07-091 QuickBooks Pro 2014 12
Field of Study: Business Management & Organization – Non-Technical
CPE-07-095 Adding Financial Planning to Your CPA Practice 6
Field of Study: Computer Science and Specialized Knowledge
CPE-06-158 Information Security: Basic Safeguards for Practitioners 1
CPE-07-121 Information Security – Basic Safeguards for Practitioners 6
CPE-07-122 Information Security – Network Security for Internal Control Assurance 8
Field of Study: Finance
CPE-07-093 Equity Investing Essentials 2
CPE-07-094 Financial Planning Basics for Individuals 6
CPE-07-096 Insurance Basics for the Individual 4
CPE-07-097 Investing Fundamentals and Products 4
CPE-07-098 Life Insurance Essentials 2

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